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    Introduction and Welcome!



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    Introduction and Welcome!

    Post by Sanguisstar on Thu Jan 28, 2016 1:09 pm

    Hello and Welcome!
    This forum is a general information based access site for those who have conceptual questions for our Medical Doctors and Holistic Health Practitioners on ideas they would like discussed during the video series. Questions can be posted on the forum and the Doctors as well as Holistic Health Practitioners have the option to respond on here or through the live feed series. They will choose one to two questions to be answered depending on the time in the series that they will pick to respond to. Videos are posted on a weekly basis.

    Our Mission is to offer voluntary conceptualized advice in preventative wellness for areas of the world who cannot afford medical care or anyone who is interested in the ideas of our Medical Doctors and Holistic Health Practitioners.
    In this access we have:
    *Video series of ideas our Medical Doctors and Holistic Health Practitioners would like to offer in a world of what they want people to get
    *Questions to be answered and selected by our MDs and HHPs
    *Networking without solicitation of products
    *Printable concepts our doctors have posted that have been translated in multiple languages for you to offer friends and family who do not have internet access around the world.
    *Ideas to offer you the best possible life you could give yourself

    Terms and Conditions:
    These questions and answers are not in purpose to substitute medical advisory for medical conditions. All advise given by Medical Doctors and Holistic Health Practitioners are conceptual advice and are not legally obligated to be used as treatment for any illnesses. Practices applied and taken from the video series are considered at will and not considered legal medical advice for treatments. By viewing and/or applying any of these practices our Medical Doctors and Holistic Health Practitioners provide you are agreeing to the terms that you will not be taking action to sue anyone of this committee, anyone who participates, nor any of our Medical Doctors for any information provided. This site will not tolerate slander or demeaning of neither participant nor medical doctor/holistic practitioner involvement and will be blocked from the system if such happens. This website and series is solely based on contribution to humanity and the expression of brilliant ideas on a respectful tone. Any form of racism, sexual harassment, general harassment will be removed from the system.
    *Medical Doctors and Holistic Health Practitioners will select any type or amount of questions to be answered as they choose at the rate of which they choose.

    Eligibility: If you are a Medical Doctor or Holistic Health Practitioner who is interested in participating in the video series and/or forum please email us your information and credentials to be set up to participate. This action does not demean credibility however it does facilitate that not anyone claiming to be a medical professional nor holistic adviser can participate in offering advice to viewers/participants.

    This website is a non-profit organization to offer voluntary and free concepts. Donations are accepted in funding of websites and video production improvements, translators' labor.

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